Our Pinnacle Performance Global Rating (PGR) is a complete quantifiable measurement of your entire athletic ability.

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Based on completion of up to 10 different performance measurements you will build a complete picture of YOUR athletic ability and fitness. Established from data gathered across professional athletes around the globe, the PGR is the only valid and reliable way to assess, compare, set goals and reassess your progress. No subjectivity, no bias, just comparison against world’s best.

TOP 10 RANKINGS TABLES (Pinnacle black)


# Name Latest PGR
1 Melvin Chen 4.57
2 Raymond Wong 4.57
3 Keelan Chapman 4
4 Edward Oh 4
5 Daniel LaRocca 3.86
6 Ronan Donnelly 3.83
7 Jonny 3.71
8 Jason Quinn 3.63
9 Johnnie Mac 3.63
10 Neil Mackinnon 3.44


# Name Latest PGR
1 Claudia Ling Leung 3.71
2 Simone Frossinakis 3
3 Danette Chan 2.5
4 Ester Oldfield 2.44
5 Clarissa Becker 2.43
6 Karis Cheng 2.13
7 Rae Wong 1.86
8 Careen Chen 1.75
9 Joanne Collett 1.5
10 Jackie Oh 1.38

The PGR identifies YOUR strengths and weaknesses and guides you to set a tangible performance goal. Your own personal rating will summarise your speed, power, agility, strength, body composition and energy system’s capacity.

How does your PGR compare against everyone else? Do you want to know if you are as powerful and agile as an NFL player, as quick a premiership footballer, whether you have the capacity of a Tour de France cyclist or the explosion an NBA Basketball player? Why not gauge yourself against the best athletes in the world in the only monitoring tool of its kind?

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Your PGR will be built from an initial full profiling session and then can be re-evaluated in individual measures over time. Why guess if you’re getting better when you can gauge your progress each month and aim for tangible results?

Members of Pinnacle BLACK can measure their PGR for FREE at any time. Non-members are invited to join in and assess their athletic rating for only HK$495.

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