What could you achieve with a dedicated full time coach and their undivided attention?


Pinnacle is renowned for its individualisation and small group support with over 400 athletes across Asia following their programmes each week for their own individual goals. Along with most teams in the world and for 90% of gym members a shared facility offers the energy, atmosphere, and coaching support they need without costing too much. However a coaches attention and cueing will always be divided in a group setting. If its time with an elite coach you value, gym memberships may struggle to match your requirements.

Pinnacle BLACK Tier members enjoy unrestricted, complete personal training support, macro balanced breakfast and lunch delivered to their desk, and consultation whenever they need it. The BLACK membership is the ultimate bespoke provision for everything you need.

Ultra Endurance Runner Cam says: “My body feels super strong and ready to absorb some big training blocks as I prepare to race the Lantau 70 and Ultra-Trail Cape Town. With hundreds of kilometres of running per week my time is valuable. BLACK Tier manages my schedule and loading with expertise.”

Private Tutor Fiona says: “I moved from teaching into private 1-2-1 education for the service I could delivery and the results it achieves one on one. BLACK Tier is the same. My coach ensures development fully around my schedule and day to day requirements. The service is above anything I have experienced before and offers loyalty and commitment to my goals”.

Investment Account Manager Johnnie says: “Due to work I have to train at specific times. Pinnacle fully facilitates this and opens as early as I need. I could not be more full of praise of the service. The high level coaching is a personal highlight with tailored programming and frequent consultations benchmarking my progress and improvements.


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