Pinnacle Foundation

The Pinnacle Foundation is the charitable arm of Pinnacle Performance, the role of which is to develop underprivileged youths’ health and wellbeing by educating them on the importance of exercise and fitness in a safe and fun environment.

Under the Pinnacle Foundation umbrella, adequate support will be provided to ensure there is continuing development of education dedicated to fitness. With guidance and expert human resources from Pinnacle Performance we continuously aim to successfully incorporate the basic principles of fitness, health and education in the form of sports related days, using children of all ages. We pride ourselves in working closely in partnership with local Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) and volunteers to provide the safest environment for these children.


We firmly believe that ‘exercise’ for children is hugely beneficial in so many ways. Below are some research articles that cement this belief. Please click on one of them if you would like to read more about why we do what we do:

Health & Physical Activity in Hong Kong  |  Kids & Exercise  |  Ongoing research studies  |  Completed research studies

“A child educated only at school is an uneducated child” – George Santayana


Sponsored Hike
Hands on Hong Kong (HOHK) had a group of supporters connected to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange whodid a sponsored hike of 7km in Sai Kung Country Park, Hong Kong.

Hands on Hong Kong raffle
Danielle Tape, our very own Physiotherapist, kindly donated a sports massage to the raffle which will be drawn in the next couple of months. Thank you very much Danielle!

Pinnacle Foundation Charity Dinner, October 22nd 2015
What a great time that was had by all at Stone Nullah Tavern for all those that participated in this wonderful evening. Not only did we all have great fun, after all your support and generosity through dinner and raffle tickets as well as individual donations, we were able to raise enough money to run an event for around 30 children that will take place on 5th December 2015 (see below). So thank you once again to all of you!

Deadlift a Million (see below) – 19th March 2016

Pinnacle Foundation Bounce days, 5th December 2015 & 11th June 2016 
We hosted 2 events at Bounce in Kowloon Tong for over 50 children. This truly are fantastic days where the children have an incredible amount of fun, providing them with laughter, happiness, exercise and very fond memories for a long time to come! Thank you to ALL our volunteers, who really shine during these special days, and made some underprivileged children extremely happy. Below are some photos from the days, and look out for some more later in the year when we continue to work with Bounce to provide such experiences for the children:

“No-one has ever become poor by giving” – Anne Frank




Pinnacle Foundation runs solely from your support so please help us out in any which you are able, every little really does make a difference, so please give what you can!

Please note that as a non-profit organisation Pinnacle Foundation is not currently a registered charity, therefore all donations at the moment will not be exempt from tax.

If you would like to donate, please contact us for further information on Cash, Bank Transfer or Credit Card donations (subject to surcharge). You are also able to donate via Paypal ([email protected]) or Cheque; please address cheques to ‘Pinnacle Performance Limited’ and either hand them in person within our Wan Chai facility or post them to our Pinnacle Foundation office at 1301 Winfull Commercial Building, 172-176 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

Personnel & Opportunities

If you would like to find out more information on the Pinnacle Foundation, talk to those that run it, or are interested in joining hands with this wonderful cause, please contact Fiona Kettlewell or Durand Spencer directly (click on their names for email). Alternatively contact our Headquarters and ask to be referred to either of the above persons.

Pinnacle Performance Foundation gym manila

‘THE PINNACLE MILLION’ was an initiative sparked by the management and coaching team at Pinnacle Performance. In aid of the Pinnacle Foundation, on the 19th March 2016 a small team of male and female Pinnacle athletes (coaches and members) attempted to DEADLIFT 1,000,000kg in 24 hours. The challenge followed an intensive 12 week training block for the competing members in the pursuit of such a momental task on the day, when the team rotated around 2 loaded barbells and completed sets of 10 reps per lift, through the night, for 24 hours in order to hit the total. To achieve the required 42,000kg per hour each lifter was responsible for between 500 – 750 reps through the day on 1 of the 2 bars – not your usual 3 x 8 most people hit in the gym on the weekend! Each athlete raised money for the Pinnacle Foundation leading up to the event. This was an Asian first as the team accomplished something truly Pinnacle early in 2016 – in the end the team lifted over 1.6 million kg’s!!! Thank you to all of the team and the incredible support we received throughout the preparation phase and the day itself. It wouldn’t have been the same without you!!

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